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I've been using the 300WM for 40 years. I love it. You can buy Remington ammo for it at a reasonable price, but reloading is the way to go. You can reload for less than you can buy a box of 06 with a bit to spare.

The 300WM is quite capable of taking any game in NA. and most them at a distance. Trajectory is flat and lends itself to "crosshair" shooting. If sighted in at 200yds, a 100 yd shot at crosshair will be just a little bit high but very well within the clean kill zone. At 300, the same is true except for the impact will be a bit low but still in the kill zone. Most shots through the lung area drops them or they make only a few steps and fall (experience). There is a lot of energy left at 300 to drop very large game.

300WM will also work at 1000yds for playing. It has been used in long range matches with success. The military also used a few as far back as Viet Nam for snipers, although the majority were in 308.

What most people have a problem is with its recoil. It in not unmanageable but is most certainly brisk. Care must be taken in mounting a scope to get proper eye relief and good shooting process (firm sholder socket and cheek weld) or you are liable to get a case of 300itus (scope crease above the eye).

The general trend of today is to use the smaller cartridges. The magnums on here tend to get a bashing (My 243 will do just fine for a lot cheaper, Its a lot more accurate because I dont flinch etc.).

As for barrel burn, You will have to fire more than you can in a lifetime to get it to where it wont perform well for hunting. 1/2 MOA, well, that is another thing altogeter.

The choice is yours young man. I do suggest that you test fire one for a few rounds before purchasing. It may or may not be your cup of tea. Find someone using one at the range and politely ask if you might fire a round or two and tell him that you are contemplating purchasing a rifle in that chambering but wanted to know what it was like before you did. Most people wont have a problem with that and will allow you a few shots. Afterward or before for that matter, offer to pay for the ammo you shoot.

Good luck.
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