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Guns are the kind of thing we can get, try and then sell as we find out about them and our need for a particular one evolves.

So you can get that 300 magnum for the fun of it.

However they kick like heck and the ammo is more expensive than the regular rounds like the 308 and 30-06.

There are 'managed recoil' factory loads or you can handload them lighter.

You can target shoot or hunt with a regular cartridge

I have been doing this for 60 years and have many different guns. Recently I got a well made custom chambered for the .300 Win. Mag so I have been loading for it and shooting it. It kicks a little more than old me likes with full loads.

If you do buy a centerfire rifle get one with a soft recoil pad and wear ear protection.

You might go to a rifle range and see what they are shooting there.

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