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Savage Axis 308 Accessories. Help

Hello and good evening. New to the forum here and equally new to long rifles. I am going to be purchasing a Savage Arms Axis in 308. I have a lot of accessories picked out already but I am also looking at mounting hardware and scope rings. I know there are models that come with those items already attached but I'd rather pay a fraction more and get a better scope. My questions are as follows:

1. I assume the rail sections screw in but more importantly, will this rail fit? I want a two piece rail system such as this but I cant tell the difference between flat or round rear. If someone can state which ones would work or the difference I would appreciate it.

2. Medium scope rings should fit fine for the scope I have on the way (
BSA Optics Catseye Series 3-12X44). I see a lot of reviews talking about .22 or .223 but I wanted to see if these scope rings would work well a 308. Trying to keep rings $20 or less and open to suggestions. Main concern is holding 0.

Those are my two main questions. Everything else I had researched and ensure it will fit/work for my needs. This is a Christmas so I wont be able to assemble or try it out till after... Please help me have a seamless Christmas. Thanks everyone!
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