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Don't know if it's shooting style, years of shooting all sorts of handguns, or I'm just not bothered by recoil. But I have no problem with recoil, or control with my LCP. Maybe those who complain so loudly are going against the clearly stated warning in the owners manual against using (fictitious) +P ammunition. I've shot WWB, Remington UMC, Speer gold Dot, Winchester PDX-1, Remington Golden Saber, and my favorite carry round Hornady Critical Defense. All without any recoil, or control problems. All have been 100 % reliable, and I'm confident any but the Remington and Winchester FMJ rounds would be adequate for my self defense purposes. Some ever prefer the FMJ for SD, but with the new age of SD HP bullets I am not one.
As to the OP question between the two, I think either would be a good choice. I do not have an LCR as yet, but it is on my short list for 2013. While I have CCW, and HD well covered with a multiple choice of arms, I still want one of those little plastic revolvers.
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