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Another thing you are telling the OP is that if he buys an Axis rifle he will be accurate with it

Taylor- I said no such thing. I stated that the Axis is a very accurate rifle. The rest is up to him. Off roading in a 4 wheeler is vastly different than doing mods on a rifle that shoots sub MOA right off the bat. Taylor-I have no doubt that your expirence vastly out weights mine for sure. I guess i look at the practical side of things. I have a 6MMBR that i did put a 1200.00 scope on,but that was it. If i was getting a rifle to hunt with only- I would not be doing such foolisheness with it. Hunting and Comp shooting are not the same.

For a hunting rifle the Axis just the way it is out of the box will be more than good enough for him. Shooting a deer or such at 300 yards and shooting a 3 inch target at 600 yards are not the same. Millions of people shoot deer every year with rifles that me and you would not consider good enough for what we do. But every year those rifles drop deer dead. In your terms on trucks. That would be like putting a lift kit and mudders on a truck to drive on the street. It is a waste of time and money.
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