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People that are too lazy to track are one of my biggest hunting pet-peeves. I've only had do a hard track once, and that was from a doe who jumped the string and ended up with a Rage 2 blade through the neck. She probably ran about 250 yards through some real thick stuff before going down.

Had another that I took a running shot at with the shotgun, thought for sure she came out of it clean. Went down to check and found a single drop of blood and kept following the tracks down to a creek, figured I'd need to find a wounded deer and finish her. Didn't find any more blood until I found her piled up just over the creek in a huge pool of blood. Upon inspection I found a single buckshot pellet had hit her and done the job. When she jumped the creek it did something nasty inside her and that was the end. Lucky end to a shot I probably shouldn't have made.

Someone who shall remain nameless came back from a hunt one night, said he took a shot at a big doe but missed. I asked if he went out and followed her tracks to make sure........nope, no need, it was a miss and there was no doubt. I went out the next morning and found her tracks in the field, and followed them in to the woods about 15 feet before finding blood. Deer was piled up about 20 yards in, with multiple buckshot having penetrated the vital area. Took me all of 10 minutes of effort. Lazy, lazy, lazy

Bottom line, if you're gonna shoot, you better be willing to track.
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