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The .357 SIG is gaining steam each day.
Since it was introduced in 1994 it seems to be taking it's time building up that steam.

Light recoil, very flat shooting and superb accuracy in most cases.
Shares this characteristic with a lot of rounds.

Also very reliable.
When was the last time you heard people complain about a Glock 19 having trouble feeding the 9mm? Or any good firearm having a problem feeding the 40 S&W?

It has proven itself highly effective as an anti-personnel rd, and offers excellent penetration capabilities.
Officers generally like its one-hit results.
Marketing...I recall the same things being said of the 40 S&W and the 9mm earlier.

The 357 Sig is a decent round but it is not a "bolt of lightening".

The 357 SIG continues to increase its market share amongst LE agencies as they cycle out old 40 S&Ws and 45 ACPs
The above is a clue to the recent uptick in Gun Mag and internet talk on the .357 Sig. The need to replace aging guns in various law enforcement agencies and to sell another caliber to law enforcement and civilians. It is the same caliber it was 18 years ago but gun and ammo manufacturers want to apply new found attributes to it now in order to revive sales of the round and guns and aftermarket barrels. Sales of these have been lagging.

Nothing wrong with the Sig. It does as advertized with 125 gr. bullets and a few more loads are available for it with heavier bullets. It's a decent round it does not really need the somewhat overblown claims that smack of marketing departments.

If we take a 155 gr. 40S&W JHP from Remington or Winchester and send it downrange at 1205 fps we get 500 ft. pds. of energy at the muzzle, the momentum of the 155 gr.s and a 10mm hole.

Take the 125 gr. 9mm bullet of the .357 Sig at 1350 fps at we get 506 ft. pds. of energy at the muzzle and a sightly smaller hole, with a lighter bullet than the 40 S&W. If we get the round up to a true 1400 fps we do get more energy. With the right 9mm bullet we can also get some more penetration through steel plates with the 9 than the 40S&W. Since both rounds penetrate conventional auto and truck bodies just fine, as well as sheetrock, does the bit more penetration justify the round?

How the gun shoots for you makes the difference so if you like the Sig round get it. But don't expect it to give you a big edge over the 40, unless of course you shoot it a whole lot better.

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