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That was cold, Scorch. Aaron, 80% of marksmanship is trigger control & followthrough. You have to learn to call your shots, as was noted. Even a crappy trigger can deliver good groups if you're paying enough attention to call your shots. Trigger pull and calling your shots go together. Pay attention to your trigger pull but no so much that you quit seeing the sight picture. Let your eye control your trigger finger. As the sights come into alignment, trigger pressure is increased. As the sights drift out of alignment, trigger pressure stops but is not released. Sights come back into alignment, trigger pressure is increased...until the shot breaks, and it's at that moment that you have to be very aware of sight alignment and where your sights are...followthrough. That's how you call your shots.

If you was high left when the shot broke, call it. High left. You probably will lose the sight under recoil but you was paying attention to where it was when it broke. When I was just learning this, I thought I was learning trigger control (I was) but I was really learning to call my shots.

Of course if you seen it it high left and the strike was high right (and nothing else happened like flinch, jerking, you blink, etc.) then it is not zeroed and needs adjustment. You'll learn to zero your rifle while you're learning to call your shots.
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