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G.W. - Interesting that you also had cylinder. Guess that had to make the cut-down a cheap proposition for the buyer. The excellent history links that Hawk posted show that cylinder bore was "special order," as was modified. The standard model was full choke.

A number of years back, I had Squibber work up a 1909 Model E for me, for CAS. My assumption going into it was that I'd end up with the "standard" 20" barrel. But instead of specifying anything, I told him my height and reach and asked him to build it the way he would for himself. Instead of cutting the barrel to 20" he cut it to 22" and then cut 2" off the butt. It made for a much faster-shouldering shotgun for CAS-style shooting and I have never missed a clay with it. Mind you, I usually wasn't the fastest shooter, either, but the unexpected specs made for a wonderful old '97 that will go only after I do.
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