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Heh, didn't realize that I stirred such a storm.

Forgetting about what I've experienced with my boys and a couple of little old 10/22's & Marlin 25's at 25 & 50 yards. . .

Here's something to ponder. . .<gotta love the Interweb>

Question about scopes being the same for different people. Scopes are all set at some range for parallex on less they are adjustable. if you are shoting at the range for which they are set then the zero should be the same for anyone, but once you move to distances other than where the parallex is set for people will have different zeros because of different ways of holding the weapon" where thier eye is relative to the scope". People who have the same shooting hold and have little difference in thier distance from their eye to their cheek have little difference in where thier eye comes to rest relative to the scope and therefore have closer zeros.

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