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Browning Sight Screw help needed, Please.

I have a Browning A-5 shot gun, in addtion, I have a Browning Belgium made deer barrel(smooth bore) for the gun. Last time time I used this gun I had a poor shot on a great buck. I later found my site on the deer barrel is missing a screw and was cock-eyed. YES, I know check your gun before use. I missed a B&C deer on that lesson. A day does not go by with out that failure coming to mind, especially this time of year. I have been invited to deer hunt next week in the Golden Triangle of Illinois, Iowa, and MissouriRiver land), so now I have to find that screw. I have looked at Brownells and Midway. i can not find the shcematics for the deer barrel. Since screws were interchangeable I thought I might find it under another name. I have not found sights that give the dimensions. Is the cut off screw the same screw? I know this is a needle in the hay stack, but some old gunner has this info in thier books. Please help.

Thank you in advance.


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