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Meanwhile, back at the OP's ranch

We've made quite a jump, from the OP asking about how a 22WMR compares to a 22LR and whether a wife, who presumably doesn't want to deal with more recoil than that, would benefit from a trade-up to the little magnum. If we were to stick to that comparison, and to match up the currently available ammo for those, I'd vote the 22WMR Critical Defense and Speer Gold Dot clear winners over the best 22LR, which many folks might consider to be the CCI Velocitor.

Something's always better than nothing. Just my opinion, but the only time I'd opt for a 22LR over a WMR is if the LR is a very pocketable semi-auto that can hold substantially more rounds than a 7-round Smith 351C or 8-round Taurus lightweight snub, or if cost is a huge factor.

Not dissing the interesting exchanges in between. Unless I missed it, I notice that not a soul stuck up for the .25ACP. I'm amazed it is still produced and sold, unless it fills that tiny little niche where better than Long Rifle performace is required but a flat little mouse gun is also required, such as for an ankle gun.
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