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You're saying the good .22 WMR loads perform better than some .38 Sp. loads such as wadcutters and ball? Okay, but it's faint praise.
Actually, .38 special wadcutters outperform many .38 special hollow point loads, even at their low velocities. They penetrate very deeply, and their sharp shoulder cuts tissue, rather than slipping through.

Yet another example of a projectile's design being more important than it's muzzle energy.

"Handgun bullets crush tissue."

Yes, but there is more to the body than tissue and the little 40-grainers appear to be more likely to be deflected or stopped by bones, buckles and buttons.

Bone, depending on the size and density, can stop or deflect most handgun cartridges. That's why it's not considered in modern handgun performance testing. It's too great a variable. Science seeks reproducible testing results.

Is a substantially larger caliber, with a heavier, properly designed handgun bullet, going to perform better than a similarly designed smaller, lighter bullet?

Of course. That's why I like .45 ACP. But those who think their .40 is closer in performance to a .45 than a 9mm, are sadly mistaken.

And as even some of those who have chosen to argue with me have alluded to, shot placement is far, far, more important, than the differences between well designed bullets of various calibers.
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