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There are several 9mm and .38 Special loads that exhibit more energy than .45 Auto 230 grain JHP's. Would you consider them superior for self defense?
So far just your statement. Do you have any links that support your statement ?
The Google is your friend...

Not a fan of Hawk's site, but he has a nice comparison chart for this purpose. Looking at any of the factory ammunition site would bring up similar information, if not as concise.

Even an 800 fps 140 grain WC has twice the energy of a .22 magnum.

A 200 grain .45acp SWC at 790fps has more than twice the energy of the .22 magnum.
Both true.

And a 9mm 115 grain +P+ JHP has more energy than many/most .45 Auto hollow points.

You don't think that means they have better terminal performance, do you?
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