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Been going down that road for several years. At one time I bought certain guns simply because I'd never owned that particular model before. The trend started 4 years ago when I counted over 60 different guns in a wide variety of chamberings. I sold off 5-6, used the money to buy a new Kimber, scope and put over $1,000 in the bank.

I have a few AR's that I like, have settled on Winchester 70's in either 308 or 30-06 for big game. Not saying those are the best chamberngs. I actually like the 7-08 a lot, but I've got several 30-06's and 308's that I really like and ain't selling. Even though I think the 7-08 is a great round I'll never buy one just because it would complicate matters and is just too close to the 308.

Tried about every shotgun made and settled on Benelli M-1's back before the M-2 came out. I like the M-2, but ain't spending the money to upgrade.

Glocks and 1911's are my handguns of choice. But I've got a Sig and a few S&W revolvers I just can't part with, at least not yet.

I'm down to around 40 guns now and plan on selling, or giving family members, at least 10-15 more eventually. But it is getting harder to pick which one at this point.
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