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Jeff Cooper's recollections are a poor counter to the scores of actual incidents where reloads were required and/or occurred. In other words, facts trump "some famous guy's memory" every time. Putting it simply: Jeff was/is wrong on this point.

I understand full well that even in cases with multiple attackers, putting rounds in the first might send the rest packing. That's a great outcome, IF that's what happens. Some bad guys are harder and more determined than others.

Even so, I've been in 4 separate SD incidents, each of which involved 3 or more attackers ... so please understand my skepticism regarding "average" or "most of the time". Wolves often travel in packs.

Given what we know about typical hit ratios, 7 rounds is barely enough to serve a single attacker. At minimum, that means a reload somewhere in there if you want to fight off two. I - like everyone I know - would like to believe that I'll make every round count. As much as my imagination might be comforting, I'd rather be prepared for a more robust sense of reality.

It somewhat attests to the notion that not having to reload so often in the first place might be the better choice.

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