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The question "is it enough?" seems to indicate a fondness for the particular gun, absent any evaluation of its usefulness, and then an afterthought regarding its utility. Believe me, I understand.

With all due respect to the previous poster, it is not a matter of "what works for you", IMHO. This is because none of us picks our own fights, and "what works" will be up to whatever or whoever brings the fight to us. I don't get to choose "my fight", the circumstances, or how many I may need to address.

Nonetheless, 8 rounds of .357 mag, in the hands of anyone reasonably able to employ them, represent an excellent self-defense choice for any case involving a single attacker, IMHO. It may well be enough to serve two. Three? That's really pushing it, as far as I am concerned. (If you are the embodiment of everyone's Jason Borne fantasies of crack-shot awesomeness, I apologize for not realizing that all you need is a toothbrush to hold off half of the CIA.)

This being said, I can't imagine any case where having more rounds is a disadvantage. As such, a moon-clip setup seems called for.

Taking the notion further, I can't imagine any such SD incident "handled" with 8 rounds of .357 mag, which would not be equally well handled by 8 of 9mm, .40S&W, 45ACP ... heck go for .357sig or 10mm if you believe in magic. If 8 are "good enough", certainly 10 or more are better.

If you are "in love" with that revolver ... there's where the discussion ends. If not, perhaps something with greater capacity is your answer.

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