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Some would jump in some would not. When I was like 5 we were in Colo, at a resort type place on a river so Dad could fish. My brother was crossing a walk bridge on the outside and fell in. That water was fast moving, I told Dad there he goes as he swept past us. Dad ran as fast as he could but couldnt catch up to him. 300 yards or so was a waterfall woulda killed him. A group of young men held wrists together and went in after him, they got him out safely. I for one will never forget that, I for one would not hesitate to attepmt the impossible cause it can happen. Wont know until you act and find out.

News said the gal put the kid up there so the kid could get a better view.

Died of blood loss, I feel for the family, to lose a child...well thats real bad.

There is a hero in all of us, just needs to come out at the right time.
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