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Bart B.

langenc claims:
Everyone looks thru sights/scopes differently.
Sorry; 'tain't true. That's one of many myths about the shooting sports.
The sight picture doesn't change but the person shooting the gun does.

Two people shooting the same gun can get two sets of consistent results because they may:
- hold the gun differently
- perceive recoil differently
- and yes, even see the target differently through a scope because of the way they are holding/resting it.

I have experienced this with handguns and long-guns between family members. One person's zero with a scope may not be another's. There's usually a one or two click adjustment. This is doubly true with handguns/iron sights and those who are cross-eye dominant.

Maybe this is a better way of saying it...
It's not the sights but the way the firearm is held that requires a different zero with the same firearm.
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