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Thanks Kraigwy and Spacecoast,,,

Count the bullets in each quarter. Ajust your sights from the high number of shots to the low number of shots.
Okay, that's practical advice a person can use.

Save your money - Doesn't make sense to have someone sight in a rifle for you if you can't shoot it accurately.
Wouldn't you like to know that the sights on your rifle were zeroed?

If you cant sight it in Im not sure you should be shooting it....
That's kind of harsh,,,
Are you saying I should quit shooting?

Are you using iron sights or a scope?
Hello alex0535,,,
Yes, it's a valid question,,,
I did forget to state that in my OP.

I'm using iron sights on this rifle,,,
I have no problem zeroing a scoped rifle,,,
I have a H&R Handi-Rifle in .22 with a Bushnell Banner scope,,,
I got it zeroed very nicely at 50 yards and hit clay pigeons at 100 yards.

It's the 61 year old eyes that are having trouble with iron sights,,,
And I need to stay with irons for this endeavor as rimfire silhouette excludes optics.

I just remember way back in time when my brother-in-law bought a new .22 rifle for my sister,,,
She was so frustrated because after two boxes of ammo she still hadn't hit one Coke can at about 35 yards.

Later on my Dad (who was a phenomenal shot with a .22) shot at a paper target with that gun,,,
It turned out that at that distance the rifle was hitting about 10" to one side,,,
A few taps with a hammer drifted the sight into proper zero.

It's like calibrating any piece of equipment before using it,,,
I would feel my practice time is better spent with a calibrated rifle.

I will try what Kraigwy suggested this weekend,,,
And then work towards tightening my groups with practice.

Thanks gentlemen.


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