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Originally Posted by Edward429451
Sure, there may be a gun or two out there that does not like YOUR Match load. There may even be a gun or two that doesn't like Federal GMM. lol. For the most part, good ammo is good ammo. Chances ARE good that my good load will shoot good in your gun too, at least given the similar platforms.
There is certainly truth to Edwards statements here. I've always wondered though it isn't more often true of cartridges with a strong competition base where the particulars of things like free-bore and barrel twist rate are closer to being standardized.

In other words, Federal GMM .308 works in most .308s because most .308 are built for that type of ammo. While the same might not be true of, .204 Ruger, for example.

On the other hand, it's undeniable that carefully crafted ammo will almost always be better than generic factory ammo. Still though, carefully crafted ammo that is specific to a guns twist rate and free-bore will probably be better than carefully crafted ammo that's NOT tailored to the gun, if the gun is as I mentioned chambered in a cartridge which has a less standardized setup.
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