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Glenn, I really agree w/your post and it makes total sense.

I think that is one of the points that have been made andor discussed in various CCW threads though(example - some saying you have to have guts to shoot or be ready to use deadly force...some being more triggerhappy, etc, etc, etc):

I think only a fraction of people in general whether CCWers, TFLers, women/men, and so-on have that 'gene' so-to-speak where they can act under pressure immediately & instinctively. Some people train and are ready to go, but they freeze during an emergency(police can attest to this but I am not a cop). I'm sure you have dealt with this in your profession/studies as well. Nobody did anything(it is possibly nobody in this situation could do anything). I am sure some have excuses or explanations after-the-fact why they couldn't...and you know, they were probably valid. It doesn't change the fact that only certain people have the 'gene'. It can show up for different reasons...woman protecting her children...someone getting that adrenaline strength to save a loved one under a crushing/heavy car fallen off 'jack', etc. This is a tragedy this had to happen.
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