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Glenn, the "barrier" was a fence low enough that a mother could set a child upon it to give him a better view, and a safety net that did not actually catch the toddler.

Any healthy adult should be physically able to get over that barrier. Psychologically, maybe not, but physically, it would be a lot easier than the 8' wall we had to clear by jumping up, or the 12' wall with rope we had to climb and jump down from, in the O course (obstacles) at AOCS.

FWIW, I've gone into a burning house to get people out (though, granted, it was only starting to burn, at least apparently - turned out the attic was engulfed), and pulled a dog away from another burning house. Broken up quite a few dog fights. Assisted a swimmer in distress. That kind of thing.

IE, I wasn't "posturing." I can't say for sure that I'd jump into the enclosure first, vs shooting to scatter the dogs first; but I can say for sure that I would try to do something. This is not guaranteeing I'd win, it's just saying I'd try, because I could not just stand there and do nothing.

It's what my mother would have done, in her younger days. It's how I was raised to respond. It's how a couple decades of military service conditioned me to think.

Sorry if you think that's ridiculous posturing.
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