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ive always used a 30/30 for hunting, and a .22 for plinking, 5 years ago i bought a savage.270 for my father, nice gun, accurate as heck, but i dont like the cartrige, last year i lucked(?) into a deal, for $1000 i bought an m1 garand that had been refurbished and a rem 700 sendero in .300 win mag with a vx3 mil dot scope, 30/06 ammo is $16.95 a box and .300 ammo is $44.95. handloaded with a 208 gr berger the .300 is more accurate than i am, but after 20 rounds or so im done. yes there is a significant wow factor with the .300, but it comes at a price, if your gunna by a .300, learn to handload,
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