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Ok, it's going to be perfectly clear after this question that I am a city boy now (grew up on the farm, but never went back).

What do you mean "public land where you can shoot?" I understand shooting parks and whatnot, but where can you go shoot that is not private land? How can you find non-public property?

I know that sounds like a ridiculous question, but I can't understand what you are talking about "public land." I can't imagine a place where you can shoot that is not private land. At least not without being arrested.

Coiped from above-shooter from KY..

Here in this state much of the Northern part is STATE and Federal land-mostly state. That means that it is PUBLIC, No it is not a park.

60% of this county and next county over is STATE land. We wish the residents of the lower counties would ante up and pay fair taxes. State land pays SWAMP tax to the local govts (countie/maybe townships) 10 CENTS/acre.

State land can be used for just about anything outdoors related, camping, shooting, hiking, berry picking, snowmobiling etc etc...

Abuse YES. Here today-gone tomorrow but please take your trash with you. Run ATVs everywhere and make deep ruts on and on..

These shooters, above, were fine. Hope they took targets- bowling pins, shotgun shells, TVs, LP tanks home. Many dont.
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