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Simplifying your collection? Good.

Getting rid of guns with sentimental value because of simplifying/standardizing? Not good.

Keep your collection simple if that's what works for you. But the two categories you list do not have to be mutually exclusive.

The Glocks/AR15/Benelli guns will likely be your go-to guns for all kinds of situations. The legacy guns will be the ones you teach you kids to shoot with, treasure, and pass on to your kids one day.

Just because they all share the same storage location doesn't mean they all have to serve the same functions. So what if you're not as handy with a revolver as you are with a semi??? Do you carry a revolver? No, from what I read in your post. Big deal... So have some fun shooting the revolver every now and again, reacquainting yourself with it and what not... And continue to carry and practice the most with your "standard" guns.
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