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Using such scopes, I always do adjustments at half the number I expect until I get an idea of how far a click really moves it. It should be easy. If you need 24 clicks, do 12 and shoot again. If it moves more or less than you expected, figure out the true per click adjustment and go from there. Make sure you're shooting enough shots between adjustments so you can get a good average too. Making adjustments on one shot will have you chasing all day.
from original post--

This just wastes a lot of ammo.

Are the adjustmant turrets on top and on the RIGHT. If not you will never get it adjusted.

I went with a friend couple weeks ago. He was having trouble and decided that there was 'something wrong with the scope'.
There was.. It was mounted 90 deg out of synch.

Rotated 90 deg clockwise and had it aligned ih about 4 shots.

I had read about that problem, gun mags/internet, but this was my first experience witnessing it.
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