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Originally Posted by Fishon63
I've been hunting off and on for many years and have been using my Remington BDL 700 30-06 with great success. However for the past two years I've been hunting in Montana for Whities and Mulies. My brother shoots a Ruguer M77 300 Win Mag and he loves it. I am considering buying one or getthing the T3 Tikka 300 Win Mag. I was wondering if anyone out there has shot both and can give a comparison. PS. at 110 yards my brother this year put a bullet through the heart of one dear and the bullet went through the neck and out again of the deer behind it. Both were doe whities.

Neither deer moved beyon being knocked to the ground.
I've never shot a Tikka or M77 in the .300 Win Mag. I can tell you this I'd rather carry the Tikka and shoot the Ruger. The Tikka is light and the Ruger isn't it, but even in the standard chamberings the Ruger is more pleasnt to shoot.

As far as your brother's amazing shot with his .300 Win Mag, the .30-06 you carry would have probably done the same thing. At 110 yards both still have a lot of retained energy to get full penetration on any average sized deer. IMO taking down the second deer was nothing more than a lucky shot, and one that I would have to report to a game warden if done in Colorado.
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