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Someone else zeroing your rifle means its zeroed for them.

A lead slede zero wont be a hunting zero.

You dont have to shoot itty bitty groups to zero your rifle.


Set your target out to the distance you want it zeroed.

Shoot 10 to 20 rounds, the more the better, dont adjust your sights for this string.

Take your target and draw a cross on it. from 12 to 6 oclock, and 9 to 3 oclock.

Count the bullets in each quarter. Ajust your sights from the high number of shots to the low number of shots.

Now shoot another string. Draw the cross like above, count the holes in each quarter.

Keep doing this until you have the exact number of shots in each quarter.

I don't care how large or small your group is, your rifle is zeroed,, FOR YOU.

Do this using the position you plan on shooting, the most common hunting position is kneeling so sight it in kneeling.

This works with rifle, shotgun or pistols. It works for everyone, regardless of how good or bad you shoot.
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