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I guess my doubts come from not having any idea of,,,
How close to the bullseye the sights were adjusted at the factory,,,
I've had knowledgable shooters say they should be exact and some say just the opposite.

The day I took my 452 out the first time, I set the sights at 25 yards and it shot SO good, I moved them to 200 yards and hit the popper 3 times out of 5 tries.

THAT is what prompted me to add a scope.

Take a little time with this rifle. . .it WILL make a believer out of you. Those guns are that good.

I am REALLY tempted to by a bull barrel and find out what can be done when you really put your mind to it.

CZ has been around a while and they really have flown under the radar. The guns are really overlooked and that is a shame.

Carpe Cerveza
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