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OK, now I really want more info.

I am currently the high bidder on a Ruger Speed Six on GB which is set up almost exactly how I want. DAO/bobbed hammer, blue, 2 3/4" (3" would be nicer, but that is fine), RB...About the only thing I want on my carry revolver that this doesn't have is an aftermarket front night sight or fiber optic front sight. Because these aren't made anymore I'm not 100% sure I'd want to have any mods done that can't be reversed, but with the pinned sights that mod might work. The auction ends in just under 7 hours, I will try not to look between now and then since I set my max bid at the top of my current budget since I don't want to lose the gun (it could be a little higher in a week and a half when I get paid next, but not right now). If I win, I have a replacement for/improvement over my Rossi 451, it may be time to put that one up for sale.

Looks like it would be a good carry gun, fun range gun, and decent range gun. My understanding is that the frame is pretty similar to a K-frame, but the cylinder is a tad larger/stronger.

How is the parts availability? Should any smith who works on modern Rugers be able to work on this? (i.e. is it similar internally to the GP100 and SP101?) Can it take S&W K-frame holsters? I guess for that answer, I can always try it in a K-frame holster I already have (assuming no one outbids me).
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