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ok, since the OP is gone, can I highjack part of this.

I too have my first batch of (9mm) not .45 and ran them through recently - probably around 100 rounds as I wanted to make sure they even worked.

Using brass laying around from my Dad, 147gr lead bullets, 3.7 g powder (i think from memory) and Dillon 600 press.

So he has been ill lately, so I completed and shot the batch. All worked and were pretty good after initial setting had the bullet too short.

Before going to range, we tried to place in barrel of his Glock and a few got stuck. Anyway, I used my Taurus pt-99 and everything ran perfectly and were actually very accurate.

Anyway, my question is about the buldge you showed in above diagram. My bullets look to have a bulge that follows the bullet. I should get a picture - I might have one left that the primer was upside down.
I tried to back off the crimping for the last few, but the buldge was still there.
They all fired fine, It just looks wierd.
What is causing this? What do I need to adjust on the press to have the case just straight like a factory round?

Thanks and I hope the OP checks back because there is a lot of knowledge here.
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