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The only real affect the AWB had on me, is that I have a few pistols that either came with only 10-round magazines (thanks Bill ), or were designed around a 10-round capacity. But, I've picked up "post-ban" 15-rounders for those that are capable.
I wonder how much the AWB played into making the 40 S&W round more popular with us civilian shooters. Double stack 45's to this day are not all that common, double stack 40's are pretty common. Capacity is around 10-13 rounds typically.

But that's addressing the symptom, not the underlying problem.
Gun owners need to be aware and active, and we need to act as ambassadors for the cause to others.

I agree 100%, I have pro gun family members who are voting for anti gun candidates over in Ohio; sadly stance on gun issues is as about as high on the priority list as the candidates choice in socks.

We have people in this country who do not believe in the right to carry, the right to defend ones self or even that the second amendment should still be valid and guarantee the right to own a firearm.

Every single gun owner should be aware of gun rights issues locally and nationally; They should then use that information quizz candidates courting their votes about their stance on the issues. Every single gun owner should make an effort without being annoying to educate those close to them who wants to be educated.

The sad fact is something like 50-80 Million people in this country own Firearms. The NRA only has 4.3 Million members. The SAF only has between 600,000 and 700,0000. Assuming that you have even three times as many people to whom gun rights are a serious issue VS. members of the NRA that only comes to about 13 million people, or at best 26% of gun owners. The NRA and SAF are really on the front lines of this fight to keep our 2A rights and remove any bogus restrictions.

Personally I got annoyed at the NRA once they sent me one of those if you don't respond we will begin to bill you offers and shifted my donations over to the SAF but that’s neither here nor there.

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