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Actually I do think energy pertinent to terminal performance. It takes energy to alter matter. Each tissue bond that is broken takes its toll. The more energy available, the more bonds that can be broken. The more bonds that are broken, the more damage that is done. It really does not seem a whole lot different than automobile accidents. A bigger, heavier car going faster is going to do a lot more damage when it hits something.
There are several 9mm and .38 Special loads that exhibit more energy than .45 Auto 230 grain JHP's. Would you consider them superior for self defense?

Handgun bullets crush tissue. They do it through their diameter and penetration. There is no extra points for higher energy levels, despite what some gunwriter or ammo company might tell you.

A .38 Spl when compared to a .22 mag is bigger, heavier and faster.
.45 hardball is bigger and heavier than the best .40 and 9mm loads. It does not have better terminal performance, even if driven to higher velocities.

Thompson-LaGarde has been eclipsed with newer methods of scientific testing, and bullets purpose built for terminal performance. 100 years can change things. We know what makes handgun projectiles work.

I also think momentum is pertinent to terminal performance and it mass times velocity. I think the heavier faster projectile will have better terminal results.
A good .38 Special load will have better terminal performance than the .22 mag loads that I was speaking of. I never claimed otherwise.

However, these .22 mag defense loads will perform as well as some .38 Special loads, and even better than some.
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