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I have a "thing" for revolvers. I enjoy them more than semi autos, and I'd argue that I shoot them better as well. Plus, and this isn't exactly a practical reason, but I just plain like revolvers more than semi autos!

If I didn't care about capacity, I'd get a 686 pre lock and a GP100 and be done with it. But the "internet hype" and several scenarios that have happened in my town with multiple (5 or more) attackers makes me feel like I should have more.

I do have a glock 26. If I CCw'd a revolver I'd have the 10 shot G26 as backup. Maybe that would offset the 6-8 round capacity enough?

Here's one of my main reasons for being concerned:

A couple of months ago, a friend of my families, a priest, was robbed in his home. It was 5 men, 3 of which had guns. The priest, of course, was unarmed, and soon found himself kneeling and facing the wall with a gun pointed at his head while the other thugs looted the place (not that there was anything to loot, priests aren't exactly rich). Finally the priest worked up the guts to stand up, turn around and yell at them "Get the F*CK out of my house!" (very priest-like!) and one of the thugs shot him in the stomach and they all ran away. The priest lived and is fine today, but it's a scary thing to think about.
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