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One does not have to be a "crack" shot to sight in a rifle. It can easily be done if the shooter is able to do one very simple thing. Call their shots.

Calling ones shots is the ability to keep ones eyes open when the rifle fires and see where the sights are on the target at that time. If they're aiming at a 3 inch round bullseye at 50 yards using a scope and the retucule appears to be high and right of the bullseye center when the round fires, that's where the shot is "called."

Now look where the bullet hole is at. If the bullet hole is dead center in the black bullseye, the scope's got to be adjusted 'cause the rifle didn't shoot that bullet high and right of the bullseye's center. So move the scope's adjustments so move impact up and to the right.

Now fire another shot, call it, then see where the bullet hole goes relative to where that shot was called. If the rifle didn't "shoot to call," adjust the scope again, load another round and start over.

Keep doing this until the bullet hole appears exactly (or very close to) where you called the shot.

The objective in this procedure is to get the rifle to shoot where it's aimed. After this is done, you can practice your aiming so you'll shoot closer to the desired point of bullet impact.


Best wished in your new endeavour.

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