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The only real affect the AWB had on me, is that I have a few pistols that either came with only 10-round magazines (thanks Bill ), or were designed around a 10-round capacity. But, I've picked up "post-ban" 15-rounders for those that are capable.
One thing I noticed (I got into shooting right before the sunset) was that it gave a real boost to larger caliber handguns. If you can ONLY have 10 rounds, then why not have those ten be .45ACP instead of 9mm? Moreover, the 1911 was not at a significant capacity disadvantage to guns like the Glock 17; instead of 17 rounds that Glock was only holding 10, and if your 1911 worked with 8 rounds mags, you were down only two rounds. I personally suspect that the magazine capacity ban was one reason the 1911 picked up a bunch of popularity... not the only reason, but the neutralization of the capacity argument made the older single stack designs more attractive.
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