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Project 7mm08 Redux

Since the first installment of the build went so well, I have decided to do it again with some minor changes.

I found another Remington 700 SPS Varmint version chambered in 7mm08 and bought it.

This time around I am actually going to shorten the barrel of the gun instead of shooting it first and falling in love with the accuracy. For the most part the upgrades will be the same in order to have a very similar rifle to the one I already have, just a shorter package to deal with. Hopefully it will shoot the same load as my others well, 45.5grns of H4350 and a 150grn Nosler BT/Accubond

Things already set in stone:

Timney Trigger
Wyatt Extended Box Mag
Bell & Carlson Medalist Stock
Badger Ordinance Knob
DNZ Game Reaper Scope Mount
Stock Pack
Claw Sling

Decision To Make

-Dura Coat or Dipped in Treebark Camo (Entire Rig)
-Glass - Looking at a 2X10 or similar magnification scope with a 50/56mm objective and a #4 Reticle. Low light capabilities a must. No NIKON's, had too much trouble in the past. Might consider a Trijicon Accupoint with a post. $500-700 budget on the glass.
-18 or 20" cut down of barrel.
-Thread it or not

The First Version:
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