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When did 22lr start coming in boxes of 525 rather than 500? I had such a stash of 22lr ammo in the old Winchester white "brick", i.e., 10 boxes of 50 each for a total of 500 rounds that I had not bought any 22 ammo for several years. Now that I am buying again, I find them in boxes of 525. Not sure why the manufacturers would make this change but I guess the packaging is cheaper than making 10 small boxes to go into 1 larger box.
At least a decade. I say at least as my memory fades after that.

I know Federals and Remingtons generally come in 500+ bricks.
My two Brownings favor the Federal over anything else but aren't picky. They will feed any of the Fedreals fed it (Walmart, non Walmart, and the non copper plated raw lead stuff as well). Federal seems to FTFire less than either Remington or Winchester in my pistols. Your mileage may vary.
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