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I was going to buy a 380 but was told it was hard gun to control.
.380 has a reputation being hard to control because most guns chambered for it are tiny pocket guns that weigh next to nothing and that you can not get much of a grip on.

A full sized .380, as Crowhunter said, such as the Beretta Cheetah, would be easier to control than a 9mm of similar size/weight...... less force involved, same weight (inertia) to resist it = less recoil.

Some seasoned citizens lack the hand strength to work a slide on an auto pistol easily .... Beretta used to make a tip-barrel model (Model 86, IIRC) that eliminated that need...... I do not know if it is still made.

One for sale here (bad picture):

This one sold already, but has a better picture:
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