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Originally Posted by Irish B:
This is another bear question. Sorry guys. I was in the market for a semi-auto, .45 acp particularly, when I fell in love with the 10mm. I've heard the 10 is the only semi-auto people would trust in a 4 legged defensive situation. I like to hike and bike a lot. I've always trusted my .357 with 180gr hardcast Buffalo Bore. When I picked up my 10mm I grabbed some hornady xtp for HD but also a box of 220 gr double tap hard casts. Can this replace my .357 as my trail gun? It has a 14 round mag but from what I hear you can only get off maybe 3 shots in a bear charge which brings me to another point. It takes a second to take off the safety on a semi. In the same amount of time I could have already had a shot off with my revolver. I would love some honest productive input. I see bear A LOT and have only been charged once, which luckily was a bluff charge. Its enough so have a side arm on the trail in my opinion is a must. . . and my Remi 870 with 3" Black Magic slugs isnt an option!
I don't think that there is much difference between the two. Given the loads you are considering, it looks like you are prmiarily interested in maximum penetration (rightly so) against bear.

Using the Schwartz bullet penetration model to evaluate the two rounds you are considering, the 10mm 220 gr. WFN @ 1300 fps would penetrate to a depth of 42.85 inches in soft tissue while the .357 180 gr. WFN @ 1300 fps would penetrate to a depth of 45.06 inches in soft tissue.

I think either will get the job done.
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