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I started out carrying a semi auto but went back to my roots I carried a revolver in the Air Force and I liked it then and was able to shoot it well. I am now carrying a Smith and Wesson 686 with a three inch barrel, it has some weight so it reduces the felt recoil. it is accurate, and it is a proven caliber. I carry Remington 125 grain semi jacketed hollow points. both Smith and Wesson and Ruger make great revolvers'. I also like to carry a 1911, I like the gun and the caliber; but recovery back on target is a bit slower but still a great carry weapon. I do carry a Smith model 60 in 357 with a 3 inch barrel for the times I dress up a bit. Just my nickels worth.
Finch, I don't like guns. Reese, Me either but if someone has to have guns I'd rather it be me. (Person of Interest).
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