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I hear what you guys are saying,,,

I hear what you guys are saying,,,
I do need more practice with my rifles,,,
It would simply be reassuring to know they are sighted in properly.

It's like when I bought a muscle car back in the 60's,,,
Immediately after the break-in period oil change,,,
I spent money to have it professionally tuned,,,
Then had a proven driver 1/4 mile it.

Then I had a target goal I could measure my own performance against.

I guess my doubts come from not having any idea of,,,
How close to the bullseye the sights were adjusted at the factory,,,
I've had knowledgable shooters say they should be exact and some say just the opposite.

For the time being on my CZ-452,,,
I'm going to resist making any adjustments,,,
Until my groups get much tighter than they are now.

Thanks for the good advice,,,
I'll take it to heart and master this rifle,,,
I have 5,000 rounds of Remington .22 just for this task.


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