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I heard that.

So I did a google and bling search. All I could find was that Winchester did stop making the Model 70........................but that was in 2006, and it was US Repeating Arms.

Nothing recient.

The Comes FN, They bought the rights to the Winchester Model 70 and are making them IN THE US. (Which in my opinion, is the best Model 70 Produced and I have lots of them).

Can't find nothing about FN stopping production or having them produced else where.

I wouldn't worry about it until I see one stamped "Made Elsewhere".

I heard a lot of stories (rumers) some good, some bad, about the Model 70, most false.

I've been a Winchester fan since I shot (shot out the barrel) of a Model 70 in the very early 60s.

I think I told that story. My father was in the Air Force and was stationed at Eielson AFB east of Fairbanks.

We rented a house on Badger (6 Mile) Road. In the basement we found a 55 gal drum almost half full of loose mil surplus '06 rounds.

My father went to Special Services and checked out a Model 70 and my brother and I commenced to get rid of that ammo. We did, and I fell in love with the Model 70 right then.

Now back to my search to find a couple beat up model 70s I can get cheap. I have a few plans on putting together a 260 Rem LRP Rifle. Maybe another 270 Win.
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