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Different slant....You know I always ask the weirdest questions

Here is another one for you historians.

I wonder when the term "squirrel gun" or "squirrel rifle: was first used. Lets say it was somewhere in Pennsylvania in 1806. (I am well aware that is probably not right, but for the sake of this argument, precision is not so important)

In describing the person who first uttered the phrase, is it likely that he or she had more than one rifle, only one of which was used for squirrels, the others used for deer or bear?

This has to do with the family economics of the time. How many families could afford more than one rifle? I do understand that in many cases, it was not a matter of "afford" because just as today, many weapons were inherited and I suppose in most cases, that included the mold for the bullets.

Perhaps the term was coined by the gunmaker who asked a potential customer what they needed and then broke the options down by the game they would be using the rifle for. Kind of like the LGS owner who asks the rifle buyer if he is looking for a varmit rifle.

Just some pointless mental gymnastics.....

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