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Taurus 22-PLY,,,

I only purchased this gun because it was cheap,,,
I wanted a very small gun to hide away.

It turned out that the little beast is very reliable,,,
And despite it's small size it shoots well.

It is essentially the old Taurus PT-22,,,
But with a new ergonomic polymer frame,,,
It fits my hand very nicely and is a natural pointer.

In fact, even though it is designated the 22-PLY,,,
The upper still has the PT-22 nomenclature on the slide

I really thought this was just going to be a stash/hideaway gun,,,
But it's so much fun to shoot that I've gained some proficiency with it.

It goes to the range with me every trip,,,
I'll always put about 50 Mini Mags downrange,,,
So far the gun has had no malfunctions of any kind.

I do clean and lube it after every session,,,
That task takes all of five minutes,,,
It's very easy to breakdown.

So yeah, this gun grew on me,,,
It surpassed all expectations.


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