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My manuals tell me that the "mildest" 7mm family is the original, the 7mm Mauser, or 7x57mm.
Much of the 7x57 data out there is not up to the cartridge's potential due to the 100+ year old '93 and '95 Mauser actions out there ..... In a stronger action of modern manufacture, I am sure the x57 could be pushed past the capabilities of the 7-08 due to case capacity. Data for my '93 Mauser is capped at 46K CUP.

Both the 280 and 7mm-08 are great deer cartridges but I feel the 280 is a little more versatile because you can get factory loads using up to 165 gr bullets.
"Versatility" and "factory loads" are working at cross purposes for the individual .... the factory wants versatility in the sense that it wants one or two loads that work reasonbly well in most all guns in a particular chambering out there. "Reasonbly well" becomes the enemy of "well" in your particular rifle. If you want versatility for your rifle (the ability to make separate loads that work well for separate purposes), then handloading is a must.
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