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Originally Posted by 4runnerman
Taylorce1- A remington 700 ADL is by far no step up from a Axis to say the least. What you are comparing here is Savages cheapest rifle compared to Remingtons cheapest rifle. Which in any case the Savage is a far cry better all around. Both are cheap and all that is left is accuracy. Hands down Savage in that dept. And it's Cheaper than the remmy too. Someome else posted that up grades are not possable on the Axis. True for sure,but i ask,,What up grade do you want?. If you want a better stock a better action ect ect. Maybe you should not have got the Axis in the first place. I have had 2 Axis now,still have one in a 243. It shoots un real groups at 300 yards,Why would i mess with that or try up grade it?. If you are going to be happy with what you buy, You will be much much more happy with the Savage over the Remington
Why upgrade a rifle? Why do some people build hot rods, kit planes, and gaming computers? Because it is in our nauture as humans to want something more out of things.

Right now however in this economy the trend is to buy as cheaply as possible and this isn't a bad thing. However with the price difference roughly two boxes of quality ammunition I'd rather buy something with potential to become more with less money, than something that I would have to pay a fortune in either time or money to make better. Or if I wanted to sell I couldn't make back at least 75% of my original purchase price of. With a M700 ADL package from Wal-Mart for $419 a guy could buy one use it for a year or two, crank off the barrel, remove the stock and scope and sell off thoes parts on ebay for $60-100 combined. Then he is left with an action that is worth $350-400 for a guy wanting to build a custom rifle, look you just made money for your next rifle purchase or you have an excellent action to build a rifle on. Try that with a Savage Axis.

I've owned several ADL Remingtons and Stevens 200's and one thing I can tell you for sure is that neither outshoot the other by extreme amounts. I've had more luck getting a Remington to shoot better faster than the Stevens, because the Stevens takes more work on the trigger. Without a good bedding job none of them returned to the same POI once I removed the barreled action from the stock for cleaning.

Originally Posted by 4runnerman
Rebs- it was a 700 ADL,but it was custom built for the Forces. It is not nor has it ever been the same 700 ADL you go buy in the store. The barrels and the action were beefed up for the sniper version............. What we are comapring here is the basement model rifles not the cream of the crop. If we wanted to jump to the same price range we could bring in Howa 1500 and Savage Mod 11 Trophy hunter. Heck for 100.00 more you coold get into a Tika. Any one of those would put the Walmart 700 ADL to shame in a heartbeat. Lets keep it to apples for apples here. Pound for pound you will not find a better shooter than a Savage.
The M700 our military guys shoot is just a standard 700 action they aren't any beefier in any way except for possibly the extractor used is upgraded I haven't held one in nearly 20 years and I don't remember much about it. They use a heavier contoured barrel than a M700 action. I don't know how Remington puts them together but I would like to hope Remington gives them a little more attention when putting them together than the run of the mill M700's for retail.

Yes and the Savage Trophy Hunter package would be better than the M700 Package because at least your getting a Nikon Prostaff scope for the extra $100 over the Axis and the Accutrigger. I don't see too may Weatherby Vanguard or Howa packages with scopes except the youth ones and bare rifles in these models start off at $400. If we go up to Tikka when was the last time you saw one for less than $550 in a store? Since Tikka's don't come with scopes as well what scope are you going to reccomend that doesn't take him over the $600 mark? The scopes on the two models he is looking at are crap and so is the M700's but that doesn't mean they can't work for him for a season or two until he recoups some mone
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