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I can imagine a Greek-style phalanx advancing against an enemy that happen to have a few artillery pieces on hand. The phalanx would have to be pretty close before pistols would be effective and how heavy would those shields need to be? The artillery would make a bloody mess of the attack, if the artillery was any good. Of course, the artillery made a bloody mess of attacks the way it was, usually. If the artillery fire went over or fell short, then things usually turned out a little differently.

I believe I read that someone tried using bows and arrows during the Russo-Japanese War. I don't remember which side but they didn't repeat the experiment. Using a bow effectively supposedly takes years of practice. Naturally, there would be a national board to promote archery practice, so that's no problem. Surplus bows and arrows could be provided at a nominal price to young men.

One ecentric British army officer by the name of Jack Churchill (no relation to the other guy) supposedly killed a German with an arrow shot from a longbow in 1940 during a commando raid. He likewise carried his sword with him. The British army never seems to be short of ecentric officers, although they are tolerated rather better during wartime.
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