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I have to agree with the OP.
I have 4 bolt action 22LRs and 2 10-22 conversions and one Kidd 10-22.
Bolts -------------------- Semis
Cooper 57M ---------------- Kidd 20 inch match barrel
Winchester 52C ------------ Ruger with 20 inch Butler Creek match barrel
Sako Quad ----------------- Ruger with 20 inch Butler Creek Combo barrel
Kimber SVT

They are listed in the order of accuracy measured over 25,000 rounds of ammo sent down range. All fun to shoot but the bolt actions are great training aids for my other bolt rifles.
Interestingly, the Kidd just about holds it own with the Cooper and the Winchester. The three all average well under 0.4 inches for their 5 favorite ammos - Cooper 0.336, Winchester 0.352, and the Kidd 0.372.
The Sako averages 0.380, the Ruger BC Match averages 0.428, the Ruger BC Combo 0.456 and the Kimber trails with 0.488.

The best part of the 22LRs is that they are great for teaching novice shooters the joy of shooting. My grandson and granddaughter learned on their 22LRs and my granddaughter is now an accomplished and dedicated shooter who now can out shoot me easily.

That's the best part of shooting 22LRs - they are easy to learn on and aren't loud enough and don't recoil enough to scare off a new shooter. Those two characteristics also make them great tools for refining one's shooting technique. There aren't many other rifles that allow you to see the bullet hit the target as you are evaluating your technique.

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